Adjusting to the Moment

If you are one of the many people whose life plans were disrupted by this pandemic moment, Israel Outdoors NEXT may just have the next big opportunity you seek.

When international travel ground to a halt this past spring, our 5-month and 10-month experiences in Israel adjusted and carried on. And now that Israel has established itself as a world-leader in COVID-19 response, we’re gearing up to welcome our next session of programs this August/September in a much more open society. Ready to rise above this moment? Here are some reasons to consider an Israel Outdoors NEXT program…

  • Quality of Life
    The chance to live abroad (not just travel abroad) is what our programs are all about. You’ll experience life in an Israeli community up-close, while also enjoying Israel’s Mediterranean climate and lively culture.
  • Health & Wellness
    It’s no coincidence that Israel emerged from COVID-19 quarantine earlier than Europe and North America. Israel has a leading public health system, and it took the necessary steps from the start to get ahead of the challenge.
  • Career Advancement
    With so many jobs disappearing and academics moving online, now might be just the time to shake things up and try something new – like teaching English, or volunteering in a disadvantaged community, or starting an internship.
  • Financial Opportunity
    Worried about a recession? All of our programs are generously subsidized by Masa Israel and our Israel Teaching Fellows opportunity includes a significant cash stipend that you will earn.

Will we need to modify our programs in response to COVID-19? Of course. We’re closely adhering to Israel’s Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education guidelines, and we’ll continue to adjust the experience as needed. But since our programs never closed, we already know what it means to adapt to these times, and now we’re looking forward to an even brighter future together with you.

Ready to take your NEXT step starting this August/September? Explore our programs and contact us to talk about the opportunity ahead. We can even connect you with a NEXT participant in Israel now for a first-hand view.


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