Set high in the Judean Mountains, Jerusalem is a world heritage city with a thoroughly modern spirit. This holy city has occupied the center of Jewish history and life for over three millennia and continues to define the character of modern Israel today.


Israel’s largest city, Jerusalem, is also one of the most evocative locations in the world. The glow of the sunset on the honey-colored Jerusalem stone as well as the dazzling, golden Dome of the Rock, are iconic images known across the globe.

At the center of Jerusalem is the Old City, hemmed in by ancient walls and containing delicate arches, hidden courtyards, and narrow cobblestone alleyways beckoning you back in time. The streets are crowded with travelers, pilgrims, and vendors of everything from tourist trinkets and leather sandals to fresh produce and embroidered fabrics. Your senses will be overwhelmed by the intense colors and aromas of its spices, flowers, and food.

Beyond the Old City walls lies a surprisingly modern city – home to Israel’s national government, leading high tech startups, and a center for Jewish thought and learning. You’ll be delighted by the city’s quaint neighborhoods filled with world-class restaurants, vibrant markets, and social gathering places in both well-known and tucked-away places.

Living in Jerusalem is an opportunity unto itself. No city in world rivals Jerusalem’s rich history and beauty. And no city in the world inspires a sense of devotion quite like Jerusalem. You truly have to live here to understand why Jerusalem is considered the city of gold.


Jerusalem is located in the very center of Israel. To the east is the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea. To the west is Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Coast. Buses and trains connect Jerusalem to everywhere you need to get to in Israel.


Our apartments are located in central Jerusalem, close to local restaurants, nightlife activities, the beach, and with plenty of public transportation options.

  • Single and double bedroom options
  • Fully furnished living space and kitchen
  • Wifi and air conditioning are included



KNOWN FOR: A city holy to three faiths and the capital of ancient and modern Israel

FUN FACT: Jerusalem straddles the stark Jordan Valley desert to the east and the fertile Mediterranean coastal plain to the west

WHAT’S IN A NAME: Jerusalem is a truly ancient city, but its name is a mystery. Some think it derives from the Hebrew word “shalom”, meaning peace, or possibly from the Hebrew word “shalem”, meaning wholeness.



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