Tel Aviv

Nestled in a curve along the shining Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is Israel most cosmopolitan city and the home to some of the most compelling culture, startups, and people in the world.


In many ways, Tel Aviv embodies the innovative and pioneering spirit of Israel itself. Its skyline of shimmering and ambitious skyscrapers is accompanied by the legions of sidewalk cafes and boxy Bauhaus-style apartment buildings, theaters, museums, and concert halls. World-class shopping is as readily available as is global cuisine.Spend the morning walking the sandy sunlit beaches of the Mediterranean, and spend the evening people-watching in cafes before hitting the thriving and pulsing bars on Lilienblum and Allenby streets.

Israelis are rightfully proud of Tel Aviv’s contribution to modern business and technology. In addition to the city’s being home to many diverse technological ventures, such as Wix, Clicktale, and Outbrain, the municipality invests heavily in cultivating entrepreneurialism and innovation.

Tel Aviv is commonly referred to as the “Capital of Cool” in the Mediterranean region. A young and liberal population has made Tel Aviv home to the largest Gay Pride Parade on the Asian Continent. Whether you want to surf along the cleanest and most accessible beaches of the Mediterranean, wander through the ancient port city of Jaffa, or spend an afternoon exploring the amazing street art found throughout the city, there is something to discover around nearly every corner.


Tel Aviv is located in the middle of Israel’s Mediterranean Coast. The city is situated about an hour away from Jerusalem and Haifa, with public transportation options connecting to every corner of Israel.


Our apartments are located in a trendy area of southern Tel Aviv, close to local restaurants, nightlife activities, the beach, and with plenty of public transportation options.

  • Double bedroom with potential for single bedroom (extra fee)
  • Fully furnished living space and kitchen
  • Wifi and air conditioning are included



KNOWN FOR: Culture, Nightlife, Beach, Startups

FUN FACT: Although small in scale, the city is home to one of Israel’s biggest malls

WHAT’S IN A NAME: Inspired by Theodor Herzl’s book “Altneuland” (Old-New Land), and its utopian vision for the State of Israel, the city was named “Tel Aviv”. Tel is Hebrew for a kind of hill formed by ancient ruins. Aviv is Hebrew for spring. True to its name, Tel Aviv embodies all the promise and potential of modern Israel.



AGES 18-30 | 5 MONTHS

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